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“It’s like preparing for a 100m race with an undetermined start time; you need to be prepared to start any time or you will quickly be left behind.”

Oliver Wick – BMW Group Research, New Technology

QC Ware Solutions


Identify potential use cases that can serve as initial Pilot Projects.

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Proof of Concept

Explore what quantum computers can do for your use case.

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R&D Projects

Push the boundaries of what's possible today.

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Tap into the potential of
quantum computing

Traditional computing
Exponential scaling of computing costs with size of problem
Quantum computing
Favorable scaling of computing costs with size of problem

Unique & Performant Algorithms


Get a significant performance boost for Annealing hardware and use the latest improvements for gate-based approaches.

Chemistry Simulation

Material design and drug design approaches that use state-of-the-art classical techniques with a quantum computing core.

Machine Learning

Try out cutting-edge algorithms for regression, classification, and clustering on a quantum computer.

Monte Carlo

Determine price for options and other risky assets and portfolios, complete Value at Risk (VaR) and Conditional Value at Risk (CVaR) calculations, analyze insurance risk, and more!


Aisin Group

“We are happy to work with QC Ware. Because our partnership with QC Ware has allowed AISIN Group to prepare for the emerging field of quantum computing”

Hiroshi Tsutsui, Senior Vice President, AW Technical Center U.S.A., Inc.

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Itaú Unibanco

"We see in quantum computing the potential to greatly improve customer interactions and we have already benefited from QC Ware's insights with existing customer retention algorithms."

Moisés Nascimento, Chief Data Officer at Itaú Unibanco

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POSCO Holdings

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“Airbus identified QC Ware as one of the key players in the field of quantum computing expertise. QC Ware has helped Airbus achieve a strong industrial position on quantum computing”

Dr. Thierry Botter, Head of Airbus Blue Sky

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Goldman Sachs

“With expertise in theory and simulation from QC Ware, we were able to better understand the constraints of the current technology of quantum computing for solving problems of business interest to us.”

Paul Burchard, Managing Director

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"It’s like preparing for a 100m race with an undetermined start time; you need to be prepared to start any time or you will quickly be left behind."

Oliver Wick, BMW Group Research, New Technology, Innovation

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JPMorgan Chase

“As quantum computing continues to mature, JPMorgan Chase’s leading position will only be further solidified via future-ready algorithms that will produce continually improving results."

Marco Pistoia, Head of Global Technology Applied Research at JPMorgan Chase

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Boehringer Ingelheim

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“Our joint research with QC Ware over the next five years aims to develop new tools which our R&D team can use to develop new material classes and more efficient production processes that require less resources.”

Torsten Heinemann, Head of Group Innovation at Covestro

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"Proud of the Roche pRED Quantum Computing Taskforce and QCWare releasing a paper on ArXiv, using #Quantumneuralnetworks for classifying biomedical images. The result of our joint exploration is to understand how quantum computing can support drug development."

Marielle van de Pol, Global Head Scientific Solution Engineering and Architecture

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April 24, 2023

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