An advanced molecular discovery platform with unparalleled speed and accuracy.

Chemistry Platform

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QC Ware's revolutionary molecular discovery platform will disrupt and accelerate pharmaceutical, chemical, and materials discovery.
Unparalleled Capabilities
10-100x faster than current DFT tools. Single point energy results in mere seconds (59-atom system with B3LYP/def2-tzvpp in 31 seconds)
Highly-accurate DFT calculations with the latest methods to ensure you get reliable, high-quality results.
Ease of Use
Get started fast with our easy-to-use, drag-and-drop GUI or run advanced, custom workflows with our API.
System Size
Promethium can handle systems that were formerly intractable with quantum methods.
Who should use Promethium?
Promethium was built to make highly accurate molecular modeling faster and more accessible for every chemist. Promethium is excellent for:
Computational Chemists
Get highly accurate (ab initio) molecular property results faster than ever before – Be the resource your chemists can’t live without!
Medicinal chemists/Material scientists
Get your properties quickly and easily with our intuitive and easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface.
Data Scientists training machine learning models
The best ML models are trained on the best data. Generate lots of high-accuracy data as quickly as needed for your model.
We are revolutionizing molecular modeling for drug discovery and materials design with a brand new, GPU-powered quantum chemistry platform
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“It’s like preparing for a 100m race with an undetermined start time; you need to be prepared to start any time or you will quickly be left behind.”

Oliver Wick – BMW Group Research, New Technology

Quantum Software
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QC Ware's groundbreaking quantum machine learning library designed for data scientists and quantum developers. Harnessing the power of machine learning libraries such as sklearn, pytorch, and jax, QCLEARN provides new quantum-inspired functionalities that run on powerful classical hardware and the latest quantum hardware from IonQ, Rigetti, and IBM.
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Quantum Events

Q2B is the premier quantum event series for businesses. Our goal is to connect the international ecosystem of quantum technology providers and consumers. These events feature top academics, industry end users, government representatives and quantum computing vendors from all over the world.
Q2B Tokyo '24
Grand Hyatt Tokyo
July 24-25, 2024
March 7-8, 2024
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July 24-25, 2024
December 10-12, 2024
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