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Pioneering Quantum Computing Solutions for Chemistry: Covestro's Journey with QC Ware

Discover the quantum leap reshaping chemistry simulation. Join us to hear from experts at QC Ware, a quantum computing software and services company, and Covestro, an innovative leader in materials science, as they share their groundbreaking journey.

Together, they're driving towards a quantum advantage over classical methods, accelerating precise molecular simulation and unlocking new materials for a sustainable future. Don't miss this chance to witness innovation in action!

  • Learn how quantum computers apply to chemistry simulation
  • Hear from experts on real-world business application
  • Get all your questions answered from the speakers through Q&A


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Jerome Gonthier
Jerome Gonthier

Senior Staff Scientist

Christian Gogolin
Christian Gogolin

Head of High Performance & Quantum Computing, Covestro


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